WINOMO Strong Magnetic Hooks Heavy Duty Magnetic Hooks NdFeB 22LBS Holding Force 1.25 Inch Diameter 4Pcs




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    Are you sick of not having enough storage space and desperately trying to resolve this dilemma? Our product is the perfect product for you that offers instant storage solution. 

    Easy installation Enjoy the convenience of instantly putting up a hook where you need one, instantly removing it when it's not needed, instantly putting it somewhere else. 
    No tools, screws, nails, no damage to the surface.

    Powerful hooks The powerful neodymium magnet bases of these hooks are 32mm in diameter, bigger than most hooks of this type. This gives them extra holding power -- they will support up to 4KG when used horizontally (stuck to the side of a refrigerator, for example), or a huge 10KG when used vertically (e.g. stuck to the underside of a metal shelf). 

    Can be used anywhere Great for adding storage to the outside of a refrigerator or stove, to the inside of a locker, to steel shelving, and much more.You're sure to find endless uses for these magnetic hooks. 

    Great choice Made from high grade Neodymium which is the strongest rare earth metal in the world. Order today, and add some truly effortless organization to your life! 

    1,The magnet needs to be attached to a horizontal surface to achieve the maximum pull strength. 
    2, If a hook is dragged across a metal or painted metal surface it may cause scratching. You can
    prevent this by putting a layer of duct tape or other tape over the magnet. 
    3, Keep away from children. Powerful magnets can cause pinching and injury. 

    No worry purchaseThis WINOMO product is sold with an unconditional money-back guarantee. If you're dissatisfied with your purchase for any reason, contact us for a replacement or refund.

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