WINOMO Knee Brace Adjustable Open Patella Support for Meniscus Tear and Arthritis Relief - Knee Sleeves for Women and Men




✔SUPPORT YOUR KNEE ALL DAY: Keep the Knee Brace stay on the right position is the precondition of providing sustained support all day. For this reason, Double Rings Hinged Locking Mechanism Designed to reinforce stability of knee brace on your knee and patella. You can do any exercise or outdoor sport and no longer worried about your knee brace will slide.
✔EFFECTIVELY RELIEVES YOUR PAIN: Open-Patella design reduces stress and relieves pressure on the knee-joint during intense exercise and heavy usage. Also effectively relieves acute chronic knee pain from arthritis, strains, sprains, and fatigue. Ideal for post-surgery recovery or preventing sports injuries.
✔COMFORTABLE WEARING: Made of high quality antibacterial breathable Neoprene. More soft and comfortable, offers uniform compression and perfect relief of patellar pressure. A contoured shape and adjustable flexible comfort straps offer a personalized fit. Moisture wicking and breathability will keep you comfortable all time.
✔REMOVED THE TENSION IN THE BACK OF KNEE: Most knee brace you wear is not easy to squat and always feel uncomfortable because the tension of back. We only used 2 HOOK&LOOP straps in order to leave space for the back of knee.
✔SUPER STRONG AND EXTENDED HOOK&LOOP: Ensure the most people fits the Knee Compression sleeve. Both left and right knees work. Attention please, measure your size around your knee before purchase. Fit up to a knee circumference of 12.5"-17".

  1. Product Details

    Get WINOMO KNEE BRACE, relieves your pain and protect your knee in day life. More confidence on intense sports with the knee brace.

    Who needs WINOMO Knee Brace Support?

    - Best choice for people who likes Ball sports, Fitness exercise or Outdoors sports. It can supply daily knee protection for athletes.
    - Old people who suffer from knee pain due to ageing or arthritis and always walk around
    - Ideal for people who need to Relief pain from Meniscus Tears, ACL / MCL Injuries, Arthritis, and Tendonitis
    - Suitable for Construction workers or Waiter who have to stand for long hours and Weightlifter or Gardener who have to frequent squat down

    Why choose WINOMO Knee Brace Support?

    Open patella:
    Extra pad around open patella ensure enough support and full movement of the knee joint while wearing the brace

    Super Strong HOOK&LOOP :
    Most HOOK&LOOP of knee sleeves will curl up or wore of after several times used, all of these HOOK&LOOP are made of cheap and low quality material.
    WINOMO especially strengthened the sticky of HOOK&LOOP and ensure made of high quality material, you can feel deeply when you wearing our knee brace!

    Double Rings Hinged Locking Mechanism Designed:
    This designed can keep knee brace in the same place and not slide down when you wear on walking or doing other sports.
    Only keep your knee brace in the same place can provide the amount of support all day.

    You should know:

    - Fit up to a knee circumference of 12.5"-17"
    - Hand wash in warm water with mild detergent
    - Light and Breathable Neoprene, stay cool and comfortable all day
    - There are 2 Spring steels help to keep the brace on knee and also reinforce the support
    - One-size Knee Support fits most people and can be used on either the right or left knee

    Package Including:
    1 x Knee Brace Adjustable Open Patella Support    

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